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Eyemage IIE v1.0 (Proporta Ltd ). Added at 15-Mar-2004. Last update at 22-Dec-2004. Size: 193 Kb.
Eyemage IIE allows you to encrypt any file or text into a bitmap image.
Home Page      Download      Total downloads: 1152      
StegoMagic v1.0 (Varun Suresh, Shibin.K, Anoop ). Added at 01-Jun-2005. Last update at 01-Jun-2005. Price: $ 0.00. Size: 638 Kb.
StegoMagic is an Efficient Steganographic Software...
Home Page      Download      Total downloads: 1112      
JPHIDE and JPSEEK v0.5 (Allan Latham ). Added at 16-Mar-2004. Last update at 22-Dec-2004. Size: 175 Kb.
JPHIDE and JPSEEK are programs which allow you to hide a file in a jpeg visual image.
Home Page      Download      Total downloads: 1000      
Crypt04 v1.1 (GorillaOnLine Software). Added at 12-Nov-2004. Last update at 12-Nov-2004. Price: $ 0.00. Size: 600 Kb.
Files can be hidden inside pictures, music, word documents, etc. but they can not be retrieved without the software...
Home Page      Download      Total downloads: 988      
S-Tools v4.0 (Global Solutions Group ). Added at 16-Mar-2004. Last update at 22-Dec-2004. Size: 272 Kb .
The S-Tools application is easy to use and even the novice user can hide a large amount of data with little effort.
Home Page      Download      Total downloads: 922      
Hide In Picture v2.1 (Brinkster). Added at 06-Jan-2005. Last update at 06-Jan-2005. Price: $ 0.00. Size: 368 Kb.
Hide In Picture (HIP) is a steganography program....
Home Page      Download      Total downloads: 811      
JPegX Message Steganography (Voiles du Vieux Port). Added at 25-Sep-2003. Last update at 27-Dec-2004. Size: 60 Kb.
The basic premesis of this program is that it writes encrypted or non-encrypted messages into jpeg files. The jpeg files are still useable and can be viewed from a website with no changes.
Home Page      Download      Total downloads: 794      
ImageHide v2.0 (Dancemammal). Added at 12-Nov-2004. Last update at 12-Nov-2004. Price: $ 0.00. Size: 1.1 Mb.
ImageHide Free steganography software hides loads of text in images...
Home Page      Download      Total downloads: 789      
Digital Picture Envelope (KIT Digital Picture Enveloping Group). Added at 24-Dec-2004. Last update at 24-Dec-2004. Price: $ 0.00. Size: 1.4 Mb.
Digital Picture Envelope is a Windows 95/98/NT program based on the BPCS-Steganographic ...
Home Page      Download      Total downloads: 768      
CameraShy v0.2.23.1 (OSTG ). Added at 24-Dec-2004. Last update at 24-Dec-2004. Price: $ 0.00. Size: 1.4 Mb.
Camera/Shy is the only steganographic tool that automatically scans for and delivers decrypted content straight from the Web.
Home Page      Download      Total downloads: 663      
4t HIT Mail Privacy LITE 1.01 (4t Niagara Software). Added at 03-Jul-2003. Last update at 03-Jul-2003. Size: 964 Kb.
Sends and receives private data hidden in images of various types by using a strong encrypting algorithm.
Home Page      Download      Total downloads: 651      
BOLTLOCK v3.0b (Lurid Clique ). Added at 28-Dec-2004. Last update at 28-Dec-2004. Price: Free. Size: 64 Kb.
You can add or extract messages, files, or programs from gif and jpeg image files (other image file types may also be compatible).
Home Page      Download      Total downloads: 645      
ArtMasker v1.0 (ISoft ). Added at 18-May-2005. Last update at 18-May-2005. Price: $ 0.00. Size: 341 Kb.
ArtMasker can hide information in pictures (BMP 8bit, 16bit, 32bit) and musical files (WAV 8bit 16bit), the file with your information is encrypted first.
Home Page      Download      Total downloads: 630      
SecurEngine Professional v1.0 (Adrien Pinet ). Added at 23-Dec-2004. Last update at 23-Dec-2004. Price: $ 0.00. Size: 2755 Kb.
SecurEngine is nice program that hides data in BMP, JPG, WAV, and txt files.
Home Page      Download      Total downloads: 607      
wbStego4.3open (wbStego). Added at 23-Dec-2004. Last update at 23-Dec-2004. Price: $ 0.00. Size: 447 Kb.
BMP, TXT, HTML/XML, and PDF steganography ...
Home Page      Download      Total downloads: 607      
Encrypt Text in Picture v1.2.1 (Ace Zip Soft.). Added at 24-Feb-2005. Last update at 24-Feb-2005. Price: $ 0.00. Size: 1949 Kb.
Encrypt Text in Picture - can hide the text into a picture.
Home Page      Download      Total downloads: 598      
Storm v1.0 (Mindhills International ). Added at 08-Sep-2006. Last update at 08-Sep-2006. Price: $ 0.00. Size: 1.1 Mb.
Storm allows you to hide your confidential files and compressed folders in regular JPEG picture files.
Home Page      Download      Total downloads: 596      
Steghide v0.5.1 (Stefan Hetzl. ). Added at 29-Dec-2004. Last update at 29-Dec-2004. Price: $ 0.00. Size: 1.4 Mb.
is a command-line application that features hiding data in jpg, bmp, wav and au files, blowfish encryption...
Home Page      Download      Total downloads: 589      
Eureka Stenographer (Data Security Solutions, Inc.). Added at 20-May-2005. Last update at 20-May-2005. Price: $ 0.00. Size: 33.7 Mb.
Hides text messages and entire files into regular images.
Home Page      Download      Total downloads: 584      
Publimark v0.1.2 (G. Le Guelvouit ). Added at 26-Sep-2005. Last update at 26-Sep-2005. Price: $ 0.00. Size: 92.7 Kb.
Publimark is a command line tool to secretly embed text in an audio file. It uses a pair of keys: the public one can be shared, whereas the private one must be kept secret. Anybody can send a steganographic message.
Home Page      Download      Total downloads: 578      
Zero Footprint Crypt v4.01.000 (Baroufasoft). Added at 16-Mar-2004. Last update at 16-Mar-2004. Size: 3.17 Mb.
Zero Footprint Crypt is robust, compact and includes heavy duty encryption; with over 50,000 satisfied users we are confident you will enjoy using it.
Home Page      Download      Total downloads: 577      
Away Rjn Deluxe (BMC Engineering). Added at 30-Aug-2005. Last update at 30-Aug-2005. Price: $ 0.00. Size: 2.74 Mb.
Away Rjn Deluxe: has a built-in encrypted picture viewer and it allows you to safely e-mail your encrypted files. Advanced encryption standard AES application...
Home Page      Download      Total downloads: 548      
Hide4PGP v2.0 (Henry Hastur ). Added at 29-Dec-2004. Last update at 29-Dec-2004. Price: Free. Size: 114 Kb.
Version 2.0 has several new features, including a new stego format which is much more robust against format conversions ....
Home Page      Download      Total downloads: 531      
PalmTree v3.5 ( Added at 31-Mar-2005. Last update at 31-Mar-2005. Price: $ 0.00. Size: 1.6 Mb.
Encrypt files with BLOWFISH, CryptAPI. Hide messages in photograph. Stealth email.Encrypt password files and bank.
Home Page      Download      Total downloads: 528      
Secret Text In Picture v1.0 (GL'Associates). Added at 06-Jan-2005. Last update at 06-Jan-2005. Price: $ 0.00. Size: 2.2 Mb.
Ever find yourself thinking that your email and or messages are being read or even intercepted by someone else, well heres
Home Page      Download      Total downloads: 517      
Xidie Security Suite v2.1 (Laic Aurelian). Added at 02-Jul-2007. Last update at 02-Jul-2007. Price: 0.0. Size: 6.32 Mb.
By combining cryptography with steganography, by using strong compression algorithms, well recognized and new encryption algorithms, classic and new steganographic techniques, Xidie Security Suite is one of the top steganography and encryption tools
Home Page      Download      Total downloads: 511      
PSM Decryptor v1.0 (Power Soft Makers). Added at 31-May-2007. Last update at 31-May-2007. Price: $ 0.00. Size: 3000 Kb.
PSM Decryptor is an entirely graphical utility that sits on your desktop (if you want it too) and decrypts archive. Just drag&drop encrypted archives or keys to the Decryptor box and let go...
Home Page      Download      Total downloads: 511      
GhostEYE v1.0 beta (Northwood @ EvilGhozt). Added at 06-Jun-2005. Last update at 06-Jun-2005. Price: $ 0.00. Size: 1.02 Mb.
GhostEYE was created in purpose to protect and hide secret messages.
Home Page      Download      Total downloads: 509      
Xiao Steganography v2.5 (Softven ). Added at 09-Jan-2007. Last update at 09-Jan-2007. Price: $ 0.00. Size: 230.4 Kb.
Steganography is the art of covered or hidden writing.
Home Page      Download      Total downloads: 509      
Info Stego Personal Edition v3.0 (Antiy Labs ). Added at 27-Dec-2004. Last update at 27-Dec-2004. Price: $ 0.00. Size: 900 kB.
Windows-based program which hide files in a BMP with compression and encryption.
Home Page      Download      Total downloads: 505      
Camouflage v1.2.1 (Camouflage. unfiction). Added at 16-Jun-2006. Last update at 16-Jun-2006. Price: $ 0.00. Size: 2.6 Mb.
This encryption software performs steganographic functions as well. It encrypts your file using an unspecified algorithm and attaches them in another file of your choice, such as sound files, picture files, etc.
Home Page      Download      Total downloads: 504      
Scramdisk v3.01R3c (SecurStar GmbH). Added at 27-Dec-2004. Last update at 27-Dec-2004. Price: $ 0.00. Size: 187 Kb.
Scramdisk is a Win 95/98 based disk encryption program that allows the creation and use of virtual encrypted drives.
Home Page      Download      Total downloads: 497      
bmpPacker v1.2a (Jens Gödeke's). Added at 15-May-2006. Last update at 15-May-2006. Price: $ 0.00. Size: 1.21 Mb.
bmpPacker is an encrypting software which uses a very common graphic file format as a data container
Home Page      Download      Total downloads: 495      
Hydan v0.13 (Rakan El-Khalil ). Added at 29-Nov-2006. Last update at 29-Nov-2006. Price: $ 0.00. Size: 176 Kb.
Hydan steganographically conceals a message into an application.
Home Page      Download      Total downloads: 490      
MSU StegoVideo v1.0 (Graphics&Media Lab Video Group). Added at 29-May-2007. Last update at 29-May-2007. Price: $ 0.00. Size: 125 Kb.
Free program for hiding information in video.
Home Page      Download      Total downloads: 484      
Text Hide v1.2 (The_Krypto_Anarkist). Added at 06-Dec-2006. Last update at 06-Dec-2006. Price: $ 0.00. Size: 205 Kb.
Hide and encrypt text in bitmaps using Steganography. Includes Delphi source.
Home Page      Download      Total downloads: 448      
Free Spy Message v1.0.0.1 ( ). Added at 13-Oct-2006. Last update at 13-Oct-2006. Price: $ 0.00. Size: 2.7 Mb.
The SpyMessage is easy-to-use, reliable and powerful tool for protecting important information that you don't want others to see.With SpyMessage you can encrypt and hide your text message into image without any changes in its resolution or size.
Home Page      Download      Total downloads: 446      
CryptorX_Lite v1.1.2 ((Hermann Hehn) HushPage). Added at 11-Dec-2006. Last update at 11-Dec-2006. Price: $ 0.00. Size: 1914 Kb.
Cryptor, decryption, steganography, wizard, secure encryption, small size.
Home Page      Download      Total downloads: 431      
Secret Code Breaker Steganography (Secret Code Breaker). Added at 01-Dec-2006. Last update at 01-Dec-2006. Price: $ 0.00. Size: 119 Kb.
Secret Code Breaker Steganography Program.
Home Page      Download      Total downloads: 431      
SecurEngine v4.0 (Adrien Pinet). Added at 04-Dec-2006. Last update at 04-Dec-2006. Price: $ 0.00. Size: 2.69 Mb.
You can hide your confidential documents in jpg, bmp, wav and txt files carrier.
Home Page      Download      Total downloads: 427      
Puff v1.01 (Cosimo Oliboni). Added at 13-Dec-2006. Last update at 13-Dec-2006. Price: $ 0.00. Size: 400 Kb.
Puff v1.01 Steganography & Authoring
Home Page      Download      Total downloads: 417      
Dound's Steganography 1.6 ( DGU Enterprises ). Added at 05-Jul-2003. Last update at 05-Jul-2003. Size: 1.92 Mb.
Encode and decode messages into pictures with this encryption tool.
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